Tim Palser

Tim Play’s guitar!

Pat Furlong

Pat Furlong

Pat’s drumming career began in the late 1960s playing church halls, dance pavilions and roller rinks around Southern Ontario. Since that time he has performed, recorded and written varying styles of music with dozens of talented players from the Kitchener Waterloo area. Pat’s smooth no-nonsense style lends itself to the kind of rocking blues he loves to play with his stellar bandmates in FOG.


Dan Jancar

Dan is originally from Toronto.
Attended the Etobicoke school of the Arts as a music major
Studied with Steve Letterer and Larry Bodner.
Performed in Jazz combos, Stage Band, concert bands, pit orchestra and various rock, pop, and blues bands.
Dan plays Saxophone clarinet and flute.
Influences include: Clarence Clemons, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, David Sandborne, Lenny Pickett, Miles Davis, the list goes on! But you get the idea.
First concert attended at the age of 6 years old. (Elton John 1981 at maple leaf gardens) And has been hooked on live music since! Favourite groups Tower of Power, Trombone Shorty, and any band with LOTS OF HORNS!!!!


Al Hosack

Drawn to music at an early age, Al picked up guitar, but soon switched to bass, as there seemed to be a shortage of bass players at that time. His beginnings involved playing in various high school bands in the early years, then progressed to touring Ontario for 3 years with over 600 dates with band Crossfire, and Cheryl Lescom.

In 1979, Al joined Michaele Jordana and the Poles, who recorded an album produced by CBS-Attic Records with Nimbus 9 Productions (Alice Cooper, Guess Who, etc.) which was nominated for a Juno Award and won a Casby Award.

Following this, he played with Pocket Weasels locally, as well as Fallen Angels that featured former members of Bad Company, Uriah Heep, Klaatu and Dave Gilmour Band.

Al enjoys the dedication it takes to make a good band sound great.



Hills has been singing from the age of 7,he gave his first radio performance in Cambridge Ontario at an Anglican church when he sang in Eric Dudney’s choir. Hills went on to perform with the Waterloo Oxford Jazz Choir at the Canadian jazz finals in 1983. Around this time Hills got involved with his first rock band while in high school.

Hills went on to tour with his first professional band at the age of 19. He then spent 20 years rocking clubs all over Canada with numerous acts. While working as a studio vocalist Hills became interested in the blues when he was recording on a project called Skeeks and The Jazz Jam. Later on, he joined forces with the writer of the Jazz Jam material, Riley Waters. Riley and Hills went on to record three CDs by the Jamblasters. During the recording of the 2010 Swampland CD, Hills brought Walter Horn in as a session guitarist. This brought Hills into the current band FOG! Hills received a call from Walter and decided to join Walter and his group of veteran performers.

From Jazz to Funk,Rock and Blues Hills has proved his vocals can cover every genre.

Bobby Becker

Bobby Becker

Bobby has been playing keyboards since the age of 9. His first band was the Rembrants which began while Bobby was in high school. The Rembrants were the first band recorded on Canadian Band Stand in 1967. Bobby was also a founding member of Yukon, which went on to be the first Kitchener based band to land an american record deal. Sussex Records added Yukon to their label, which included Bill Withers, Jim Gould and Gallery. All acts were recorded in Detroit under the wing of Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore. Dennis Coffey was a member of the Funk Brothers Studio band. The Funk brothers were the studio band that did all the music for Motown artists. Yukon’s song “Understanding Is Sorrow” reached #73 on the Billboard hot 100 in the summer of 1971. Bobby also toured Canada in the mid 80’s with Carol Johns (a successful recording artist) and Special Delivery. Bobby went on to become a founding member of one of the best ever tributes to Bob Seger called KATMANDU, who still play shows in successful venues.

Other bands Bobby has performed with are:

The Press, Spring Fever, Red Zeppelin – (Zeppelin tribute) and Total Eclipse –
(Pink Floyd Tribute).

Past Memmbers


Walter Horn

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